The Ease Of Mind

A book is made with personal impressions, political analyses, poetry, prose, images, music* and websites*.
The main focus of the book are the differences and similarities of pre-war, post-war and non-war experiences.

S. Martin S. Past
ISBN 90-803872-2-3
(* only in the luxury version)

The book is a follow up of the book called 'In the Balkan of the Mind', published in 1995 by the Sixth Column Foundation. That book was about parts of the mind that were torn apart by aggression, misused to the bone (as far as we can say that speaking about brains), about captured, frighten, starved and paranoia impulses from the mind. The title is a pun like "the Balkanization of Indonesia is prevented' is a pun.
This follow up is about the same, universal human thoughts but seen and reviewed from a point of view that represents the unconstraintness of action, of life, of judgement, of creation, of understanding, and of love.

During the preparation of this book POO spoke about these subjects with many analysts, critics and psycho-analists. Also readings of poetry (translated into Bosnian) are used in order to get reactions from the audience which are used in the book.

We presented the book during the peaceweek in the Netherlands in the third week of September. Readings and performances will be given. You can apply for readings and presentations in any language. For further informations, please contact us by e-mail.
If and when translations into English and Bosnian will be made is yet unclear.