Members of KOLEKTIV were highly active during the last decade in various fields of cultural happenings through different media. Till now that activity has been reflected in areas of D. I. Y. publishing of magazines and fanzines (zines Epitaph and Hejzus June, RT record label), cultural management (organisation of many concerts and exhibitions in Sarajevo during the 1990-1999 period), working in couple of musical projects (M.I.G. Pussy, Cobalt_00, Pessimistic Lines. . .), media work (Radio Študent-Ljubljana, Radio Zid-Sarajevo and cooperation with many fanzines and magazines all across Europe and further), working in non-government organisations (DIA-Sarajevo, Peace Office Outpost-Sarajevo)… We are convinced that our individual experiences gathered during last years are not neglectable and could help us a lot in achieving our, already explained, goals.