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Interim report: Jan '96 - June '96

Volunteer Project Pakrac
Three years and still going...

"How can we expect them to love each other? Is that our
goal? How do we do that? By rebuilding their homes? For
me, the building work is on the outside, the rebuilding work
we do is on the inside, the place that I hope we often touch
but seldom see. We do the work not with our hands or tools
but with our hearts and our words, which are stronger than
the sledge hammer that knocks down a wall or the wheelbarrow
that carries the heaviest loads."

"The work we do is the hardest of jobs, harder than any
physical work. It takes longer hours, working, talking,
listening and just being with people. It takes strength;
not a physical strength but a strength of will to listen to
hate words, to walk with one's head up past the sometimes
hostile stares and to voice opinions that may be difficult
for others to listen to or accept. Above all, it takes
perseverance; pushing ahead even if it means with only small
steps, continuing on when the goal seems so far away..."

-Lynette Larsen, Social Worker and Former Volunteer
August 1996

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