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Protests in Serbia Archive
Zajedno will press criminal charges against attackers


On the 27 Th of December 1997, when the meeting of the coalition "ZAJEDNO" had ended, a terrorist action took place. It s main actors were a group of young people all dressed the same way, who were beating up the citizens in the center of Belgrade.
The coalition "ZAJEDNO" found out who were these people.
This action was led by the Ministry of Interior Affairs "MUP" of Serbia thorough a special antiterrorist unit (SAJ), whose member apart from classical blue uniforms also use black uniforms or civil clothes which was the case on the 27 th. Due to the fact that this unit is a crucial part of the "MUP", the coalition "ZAJEDNO" will rise criminal charges against the minister of Serbian internal affairs Zoran Sokolovic, against his assistant for the public security minister Radovan Stojicic-Badza and a "MUP" general Rodoljub Djordjevic, who gave the orders for this action to take place.
Criminal charges will be brought in against the following people as well:

Zivko Trajkovic ( from Belgrade the Kraljice Katarine str, 59/8), the commander of all the special units who was operating this action by the secret code of "Strelac".He alone was leading the group and participating in their beating up actions.
Zoran Simovic-Tutinac (from Belgrade the Stojana Aralice str, 26) the commander of the SAJ unit from Batajnica who participated in the action under the code of "Mungos" (on the video shot he is scene in the masked uniform)
Aleksic Radovan- Spegelj, the driver of Zivko Trajkovic Kijanovic Aleksandar (from Prijepolje), who was on the video shot dressed in short green Mont jacket and a black hat.
Tomasevic Zoran (from Prijepolje), who is on the video shot dressed in a long Mont jacket and a black hat.
Kuveljic Dusan (from Prijepolje), who is on the video shot dressed in a black jacket with a white hat covered with a black overhead.
The coalition "ZAJEDNO" possesses about 10 hours of video recordings on which can clearly been identified the participants of all the actions.
Thanks to these recordings the above mentioned people were clearly identified, but 6 are still not identified.

Apart from this group of 11 mentioned above, there have been noticed another 5 groups, partially of the same number and of the same way of dressing, whom where supposed to take part, but due to the unknown reasons they didn t act. Their location was on space between the Republic Square and Slavija. According to the "MUP" plans, the people who should be blamed for this action are the so called Arkan Tigers. After the citizens claims to the Belgrade police, Branko MOZGON the chief inspector of the "29 Novembar" police station has arrived and instead of doing his job-investigation, he congratulated Mr. TUTINAC for "at last professionally ending his job".
The coalition "ZAJEDNO" is continuing the identification of the participants of this action and criminal charges are risen against all of them.

Demokratska stranka (Democratic party)
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