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Protests in Serbia Archive
Zajedno coallition on Milutinovic's letter

Milutinovic is incorrectly informing the OSCE and refusing Mr Gonzalez s report.

In respect to the letter send by the minister of foreign affairs of the FR of Yugoslavia , Mr. Milan Milutinovic, to the Danish Minister Mr. Nils Peterson who is the chairman of the OSCE , the coalition "ZAJEDNO" is informing the home and international public that the minister Milutinovic is incorrectly informing the public about the following.

  1. Milutinovic claims that the coalition "ZAJEDNO has constituted the assembly in Zrenjanin which is not true. The members of the coalition "Zajedno" committee have during the last week held a general assembly meting in which they elected their legal organs. But, unfortunately, the SPS have made impossible the consuming of the duties of the legally elected functionaries. Due to this the members of the coalition "ZAJEDNO" committee , have already been protesting for days, closed in the building of the assembly in Zrenjanin.
  2. Milutinovic is lying when he claims that neither party has won the majority in the assemblies of Pirot, Pancevo and Jagodina as well as that the SPS has won the majority in the cities of Kraljevo, Smederevska Palanka, Vrsac, Soko Banja, Lapovo and Sabac. In all the mentioned cities the coalition "ZAJEDNO" has won the majority on the local elections held on the 17 th of November 1996. The SPS has been frauding electoral victory. through the falsification of the electoral results in the responsible committees which has later been permitted by the illegal courts decision. In respect to Nis in which the victory of the coalition "ZAJEDNO" is absolutely clear Milutinovic says: "that the responsible organs will thoroughly study the situation when they affirm all the facts about the electoral results "In this town even though the courts have had affirmed the victory of the coalition "ZAJEDNO", the city electoral committee , consisted only of the SPS members, is continuing to forge the electoral records. Isn t the 47 days of thoroughly done studies enough?
  3. In Belgrade where the coalition "ZAJEDNO" won on the local elections for the city assembly as well as for the 11 municipal assemblies (Vracar, Stari Grad, Zvezdara, Savski Venac and Rakovica) and in Vozdovac where coalition "ZAJEDNO" won SPS with the endless repeating of the elections is intruding with the formation of authorities. Concerning the Belgrade state assembly where the coalition "ZAJEDNO" won the absolute majority Milutinovic didn t write a single word.
From this Milutinovic s response, it is clear that the president of the Serbian republic, Slobodan Milosevic is not only refusing to accept the report and the recommendations given by Mr. Felipe Gonzalez but is dishonestly representing the electoral results in Serbia. Now it is more then clear that Milosevic has chosen conflict (and isolation) from the whole world in order to save his authority. The Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs is an institution of FRY and not of the SPS or JUL. It s their duty to give a clear opinion in respect to the regularity of the elections and not to lies that the "Coalitions, SPS, JUL and ND" have won the majority of votes on the local elections in Serbia.

The Judicial committee of the "ZAJEDNO" coalition.

Demokratska stranka (Democratic party)
e-mail: info@demokratska.org.yu
Terazije 3/4, 11000 Beograd, Yugoslavia
(+381 11 3229 351)

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