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Protests in Serbia Archive
Serbian Renewal Movement: Zajedno news of Jan. 31

Seventy second day of the protest

At a great surprise of the Coalition Zajedno leaders, last night's long walk gathered, once again, a large number of Belgrade citizens. It seemed like one of the New year gatherings, which also noticed Vesna Pesic in her speech.

Before the meeting, the citizens were coming in crowds from all parts of town to the center.

The crowd coming from Banovo Brdo was lead by Vuk Draskovic and the crowd that gathered around the monument of Vuk Karadzic was lead by Vesna Pesic and Zoran Djindjic.

The police did not try to stop the citizens from coming to the center, nor was the police situated on visible sites, except in the very center, in Kolarceva, where daily, for the reasons known only to the police, stands a cordon.

Vuk Draskovic opened his speech by saying that, perhaps, speeches are not necessary, and that it is enough just for the citizens to gather, listen to the hymn and greet each other.

Nevertheless, he mentioned a survey according to which a million people participated in the street protests so far. There are three kinds of lies, Draskovic said, the ordinary lie, infernal lie and a survey, especially a survey in the communist countries. "Tonight, only from Banovo Brdo, came as many citizens as the regime couldn't manage to bring to the counter-meeting on 24th December by busses, trains and by using propaganda", said Draskovic. According to him "the formal head of the state, Zoran Lilic, who was so far a mere front man of the real head of the state, Slobodan Milosevic, said that it was necessary to accept the election results of 17th November, accept the OSCE recommendations and establish a dialogue between the authorities and the opposition. If he had really said that, than he repeated what we have been saying for two and a half months. It wouldn't be good if he became independent and gained his own opinion now, which, it seems, happened", said Vuk Draskovic.

Commenting the shameful statement of the minister of education in which was said that the ministry, in the future, won't finance those elementary and secondary schools that went on strike, Draskovic said that it would not come as a surprise if those people who appear at the meetings would be deprived of water supply.

But we don't compare ourselves to them, said Vuk Draskovic. We are the future of Serbia, we have to be responsible and we have to know what we want.

The city election committee supports the demands of coalition Zajedno

The president of the City election committee, Radomir Lazarevic, said that the City election committee supported the demand of the Coalition ZAJEDNO for repetition of the process of election results in Belgrade submitted to the First municipal court.

Serbian government declared the strike of the educators illegal

For a couple of days now, most elementary and secondary schools of Serbia have been on strike, protesting because of irregular income.

On that occasion, Serbian government held a meeting presided over by Mirko Marjanovic. The government found that the cessation of the lessons at University, as well as in some elementary and secondary schools, represents a violation of the strike law.

The government decided to punish these institutions, by disabling them, among other thins, to use the budget resources and funds during the period when they did not work.

Yesterday the police battered in Padinska Skela

Yesterday in Padinska Skela, without any explanation, the police took in Aca Hajdarevic, brother of the president of Serbian Renewal Movement in Padinska Skela. After taking him in, the police asked him if he was brother of Milorad Loncar, the president of SRM in that town. After he said yes, they started to beat him and insult him and swear at him, to slap him on the face and threaten him that he will lose his job. They also made him confess that he committed some crimes, which he did not commit, and finally released him with a warning that he is obliged to "come at once if he finds out anything that would be of interest to the police".

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