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Protests in Serbia Archive
Demonstrators attacked by police

Jan. 20 1997.

This evening, about 19:30-21h in Belgrade, police brutaly attacked peaceful demonstrators.

When police officers in uniforms and undercovered State Security agents attacked the people, everebody lied down. Anyway, without any reason they started to beat people with sticks.

As we heard, about five people is hurt in this regime's action. One of them, young Dejan Bulatovic. As he said, two undercovered officers of State Security said to policemen in uniforms: "Get him, this is Dejan Bulatovic!" and then all policemen surrounded Dejan and started to beat with sticks and kicked him over his head, mostly.

Now, we are asking, how many men will be hurt until this horrible nightmare of last Milosevic's days stops?

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