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Protests in Serbia Archive
Serbian Renewal Movement: News of Feb. 20

20th February, 1997

Students continue with the protest

Ninetieth day of the students' protest passed by in search for the rector. The students tried to find out if the rector might be hiding among the animals, so the students visited the Belgrade zoo.

"I admire your high spirits and persistence. You have full support of all the employees of our zoological garden" - said the zoo manager Vuk Bojovic to the students.

Search for the rector continues today.

After yesterday's meeting of the students' leaders with the deans and the Minister of Education the public raised a question about the protest, asking whether the protest will go on and how long will it last. Following this question the Main Board of the students' protest gave out an announcement where they stated that the students of Belgrade University are going to stay in the protest until all their demands are fulfilled.

The first demand, as stressed in the announcement, is a confirmation of all the mandates according to the records of the second round of the local elections (17th November election results), as well as starting legal prosecutions against all those who participated in the election theft.

Second demand refers to resignations of Belgrade University Rector, professor Velickovic and the student Vice-President Djurdjevic.

Students' protest does not accept any agreements which would require the students to start their lessons before the rector resigns from his duty.

Coalition ZAJEDNO agreed on authority distribution

An agreement between the parties of the coalition ZAJEDNO which determines further functioning and joint appearance on the oncoming republic and presidential elections will be signed today.

In accordance with already accomplished agreement between the leaders of Coalition ZAJEDNO, a Presidential Council will be formed and its function will be coordination between the parties of the Coalition. In that Council, besides the coalition leaders, would be three representatives of Serbian Renewal Movement (SRM) and two of Democratic Party (DP).

According to Milan Bozic, the political counselor of Vuk Draskovic, that proportion was made with respect to the power of the Parties which does not mean that SRM would then be leading Party. The Council would establish the ways of negotiating with the authorities and participation at the local elections. In that case, candidate for the Serbian President would be from SRM, candidate for the Premier would be from DP and Civic Alliance of Serbia would put forward their candidate for the President of Parliament.

As Milan Bozic said, number of delegates from each party in local -Belgrade- "ministries" would be proportional to the number of representatives in the Belgrade Parliament.

Talking about "Studio B", the tv station that is under jurisdiction of Belgrade Government, Bozic said that the part of the employees of "Studio B" will be in the Board of Directors, while the rest of the members will be from SRM and DP.

Teachers sent a letter to Slobodan Milosevic

The primary and secondary school teachers of Serbia unsatisfied with their financial situation and the standpoint of the republic Government towards them continue with the strike and insist upon continuing negotiations to surmount this dramatic situation.

Board of Syndicate of educators (teachers) addressed a letter to the Serbian President, Slobodan Milosevic, in which they demanded for their negotiators to be received also asking for help from the President to overcome this difficult situation.

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