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Protests in Serbia Archive
Serbian Renewal Movement: News of Jan. 11

January 12, 1997

The leader of the Coalition Zajedno, Vuk Draskovic spoke on a yesterday's press conference.
- We are going to continue our demonstrations, with a new strategy. The operation named "Everybody" is going to be peaceful. Milosevic is getting more and more isolated, he lost the support within his party and his only two pillars of stability are the factory of lies - the state television and the terrorist organization YUL (Yugoslav Left).

The guests of the press conference were Russian ruling party parliamentary deputy Sergey Belyayev and Co-Chairman of the Russian Writers Association and former Minister of Information Sergey Grizunov. Mr. Belyayev said that democratic forces in Serbia must be supported and expressed his support for current events in Serbia. Sergey Grizunov conveyed a support by Russian writers and gave Mr. Draskovic a book recently published in Moscow - "Fascism in Totalitarian and Post-Totalitarian Societies", which contains an article written by Vuk Draskovic.

Fifty third protest was held yesterday before tens of thousands citizens of Belgrade gathered in the main city square. The gathering was addressed by the leaders of the Coalition Zajedno. Vuk Draskovic said:
- We want a full recognition of the November 17 election results, the way they were achieved then, not the way these thieves are trying to make them. All those who ordered or committed murders or beatings of citizens will have to face justice. When it happens, then we will have a dialogue about the deblockade of the state-owned media and terms for the democratic republican and presidential elections later this year. If he accepts that, Milosevic will go peacefully:if he does not, he will go next week, taken away by the people's rebellion. He will not be saved by 900.000 policemen, because all of Serbia will rise.

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