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Protests in Serbia Archive
Serbian Renewal Movement: News of Feb. 8

9th February, 1997

Eighty first day of the protest in belgrade

"The new authorities constituted by the Coalition ZAJEDNO in the cities of Serbia will be economical and will not seek ideological revenge"- said the president of Serbian Renewal Movement at yesterday's meeting in Belgrade.

"We shall be like people of Pirot - united, thrifty and economic in our ways. Since 90% of the political power is in the hands of the Republic authorities, everything will not be milk and honey immediately, but we shall do everything in our power to provide better life to the citizens, especially to the young people that are about to form families", promised the SRM leader in his speech to the gathered citizens and added

"If on Tuesday the Parliament recognizes the results according to the OSCE report, the Coalition will take control in all the cities which have Universities and in which two thirds of country's population lives. The present authorities will then try sanction these cities to hold back their progress in order to show their only trump card left: there, you see it is worse now. The opposition will not allow that. We shall first publicly open the treasuries to show how much money is left. Then we shall see how much money the Republic owes to the cities and municipalities. We want to privatize the property, but only in an economical way and at market prices. We also want to show where the money goes afterwards. Nobody must receive notice for being a member of Yugoslav United Left or of Serbian Socialist Party. Notices will be given only to those who cannot do their jobs or to those who violated the law"- stressed the president of SRM Vuk Draskovic.

Coalition ZAJEDNO invited yesterday all the beaten-up citizens to report to the Bar, which will file charges against the Ministry of Interior and the hudlums who beat up the citizens.

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