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Protests in Serbia Archive
Serbian Renewal Movement: News of Feb. 7

8th February, 1997

Eightieth day of the protest At yesterday's meeting of the Coalition ZAJEDNO held on the Liberty square a block of Berlin wall weighing 52 kilograms was exhibited. The block was donated to the Coalition ZAJEDNO and the students by the Association of the victimes of undemocratic regimes and civic protests. A trumpet, which is a symbol of the civic protest in Serbia, was painted on that block.

President of the Serbian Renewal Movement Vuk Draskovic spoke to the gathered citizens. He said that the Coalition ZAJEDNO sent the following amendments to the new Law proposal made by Slobodan Milosevic:

"There are no preliminary results. The results must be recognized on the basis of original reports signed by all, and electoral will of the citizens must be respected everywhere, even in those places that were left out in the OSCE report". The president of SRM called the present authorities "harmful, anti-democratic" and act against the interest of the country. He also said that those authorities live thanks to the police protection and the police protection only. When the new authorities come in power they will be in a position of a man that was given a piece of hot iron to hold in his hands, added Vuk Draskovic, and continued his speech with the words:

"They ruined everything. Economy practically does not exist. All the funds are empty. Even the church mice have left. Army lives on loans. The country was brought to the edge. There are many homeless people in Serbia, and it is not impossible that new lines of people will come from Slavonia and from the other side of the river Drina very soon".

Primary task according to mr.Draskovic is to establish a democratic authoritiy by changing the political system at the elections. This is the reason that the battle led for respecting the will of the citizens on the elections was so long. He also said there will never be any elections if what we fight for is not won.

"When the political system will have changed, the main task of the Coalition ZAJEDNO will be to get one and a half billion dollars for renewal of Serbia", said Vuk Draskovic and invited the citizens to be strong, persistent and determined, for each day under the rule of this authority brings a year of stagnation for Serbia.

The country should not be destroyed but its leaders should be changed

President of Montenegro Milo Djukanovic speaking of the political situation in Serbia said that the results of 17th November local election results in Serbia must be fully recognized. He also said that the crisis must be resolved in democratic way with respect to the OSCE report.

Using force upon the peaceful demonstrators in Serbia he judged to have been "an absolute mistake" of the Serbian authorities and added that Montenegro already suffers consequences caused by the crisis in Serbia, especially because it slowed down the integration process with the international community and because all the foreign investments have been put on hold until the crisis is resolved.

"If some politicians act against the interest of these two nations, then the country of the two nations should not be destroyed, but its leaders should be changed as soon as possible", said Milo Djukanovic, the president of Montenegro.

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