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Protests in Serbia Archive
Serbian Renewal Movement: News of March 1

Belgrade, 1st March, 1997

Serbian Renewal Movement (SRM) was visited by the mayor of Budapest Gabor Demski. Vuk Draskovic, president of SRM, from his point of view, informed Mr. Demski of the problems that the opposition in Serbia faces. They talked about the financial solutions that are suggested by the Coalition ZAJEDNO, as well as the problems concerning the media. In the talk with the mayor of Budapest, president of SRM pointed out that, regardless of the attack, Coalition ZAJEDNO was never stronger than it is now.

The mayor of Budapest announced a possibility of a gift of 50 buses from the capital of Hungary.

SRM Presidency demanded yesterday from the new Belgrade authorities to, at once, cancel the city tax of 3%, that was introduced last year. On this matter, in SRM's report, among other things, was written: "We promised cancellation of that tax to the citizens of Belgrade in our pre-election campaign; also we promised returning the independence to Studio B, and we are bound to fulfill every promise".

SRM Presidency points out that the obligation of the new Belgrade Government and the new mayor is to fight for the Serbian Government to annul its decision according to which that tax is lowered from 51% merely to 25%. In that way, the city funds would be richer, without any additional taxes.

A meeting of the Coalition ZAJEDNO will be held tomorrow, on 2nd March, in the center of Kragujevac. Vuk Draskovic, Zoran Djindjic and Vesna Pesic will speak on that meeting.

This meeting will mark one year anniversary of joint appearances of Coalition ZAJEDNO leaders. At the same meeting, a year ago, leaders of the opposition parties announced that they must accept the people's demand to unite the opposition, so the regime of Slobodan Milosevic looses its authority.

Regarding yesterday's treaty made between Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Republic Srpska, Serbian Renewal Movement in its public statement says:

Yesterday's "Treaty on special relations and cooperation between FR Yugoslavia and Republic Srpska" represents a farce, made by the same people of FRY and RS that are directly responsible for the war, for misfortune of the people of Republic Srpska, for thousands of the dead, banished, for tens of thousands burned up homes.

Special treaty was signed by the same people who are to be blamed for no more Serbs in Sarajevo, Mostar, Zenica, Drvar, Bosanski Petrovac and many other towns where Serbian people had lived for centuries.

Before the TV-cameras kisses and unsuitable enthusiasm, made it seem like it was some sort of agreement between America and Russia. What they really did was hide the truth from the people that they cannot any longer make trade, business, scientific, cultural or banker's agreements with the countries of the world, but instead, in this way, try to blind the nation.

Serbian Renewal Movement requests the normal and not some special Serbo-Serbian relations. Contrary to this, we could soon expect some Special treaty on relations between Pcinj and Branicevo counties.

On the occasion of the hundredth day of the students' protest in Belgarde, Information Service of Serbian Renewal Movement issued the following report:

"Serbian Renewal Movement congratulates the students of Belgrade University on the hundredth day of their protest.

The whole world is amazed at the energy, imagination, persistence and urban originality that the students showed in the past hundred days.

With them in the same city, in the same streets, them who fight for the similar or the same aims that we fight for, made us bare more easily the cold, the uncertainties and exhaustion.

With them beside us, we became more beautiful and younger."

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