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Protests in Serbia Archive
Odraz B92 Daily News Service

      ODRAZ B92, Belgrade                             Daily News Service

      Odraz B92 vesti (by 9 PM), March 30, 1997

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        Radio Montenegro's Editor Resigns  . . . . . . . . . . . . .  21
        Kosovo Albanian Leader Sees No Difference Between Zajedno and
        Milosevic  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  34
  15    Bokan Sentenced for Patriotism?  . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  46
        Kinkel to Visit Bosnia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  59
        Macedonian Banking Scandal Leads to Officials  . . . . . . .  70


      NEWS BY 9 PM
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      Radio Montenegro's News Editor Radovan Miljanic resigned on Sunday
      in protest at the state-owned broadcaster's editorial policy.

      Mr. Miljanic told reporters that he had been ordered by his Editor
  25  to drop reports on Friday's pro-Djukanovic rally from the main
      news show.

      Mr. Miljanic and a number of other journalists at the radio then
      sent a letter to protest what they called the radio's editorial
      censorship and unprofessional journalistic standards. The letter
  30  pointed in particular to the fact that the state radio's only
      source of information is the Yugoslav state newsagency TANJUG. The
      letter warned that TANJUG had become nothing more than a
      mouthpiece of the Serbian Socialist Party.

      Editor and parliamentary reporter for state-owned 'Politika'
  35  newspaper Biserka Matic told BETA on Sunday that after a three-
      month suspension the paper had finally decided to fire her. Ms.
      Matic stressed that both her suspension and subsequent dismissal
      were illegal and unjustified.

      The dismissal note reportedly explained that Ms. Matic had been
  40  sacked for failing to fulfill her professional obligations at the
      paper and obstructing the work of other colleagues. The letter
      also accused Ms. Matic of attacking the paper's editorial policy.
      Ms. Matic is the second journalist at 'Politika' to have lost her
      job for protesting against the paper's silence during three-months
  45  of demonstrations in Serbia earlier this year.


      On Sunday Vice-President of the Democratic Alliance of Kosovo (the
      strongest Kosovo Albanian party) Fehmi Agani condemned Zajedno's
  50  proposal that Kosovo be granted regional status. Mr Agani said
      this showed that Zajedno was not ``a democratic alternative to the
      present [Serbian] leadership.''

      Mr. Agani told 'Dnevni Telegraf' that regional status was not the
      solution to the Kosovo problem and rejected allegations that the
  55  situation in Albania had encouraged Kosovo Albanians to block
      negotiations with the Serbian Government. However, Mr. Agani
      stressed that stability in Albania meant a great deal for Kosovo


  60  Belgrade film director and commander of the former paramilitary
      'White Eagles Dragoslav Bokan told the BK Television on Sunday
      that he had been a victim of a stage-managed court at the hands of
      the current regime to punish him for being ``a Serb patriot,
      intellectual and anti-communist.''

  65  Mr. Bokan has been sentenced to four and a half years imprisonment
      for armed robbery. Mr Bokan denounced the sentance as ``political
      assassination'' and said that the verdict had been reached without
      any material proof or witnesses. Mr. Bokan is at present on bail
      pending the hearing of his appeal.


      German Foreign Minister Klaus Kinkel is to visit Bosnia and
      Herzegovina on a fact finding mission together with EU Foreign
      Commissioner Hans van den Broek, Reuters reported on Sunday. The
      visit comes in the wake of international critism of Germany's
  75  decision to repatriate thousands of Bosnian refugees and is an
      attempt to ensure that repatriation runs as smoothly as possible.
      Mr Kinkel said that before repatriation could begin it was
      necessary to have precise data on the religious and ethnic group
      and family of the refugees.


      The ongoing scandal involving the pyramid savings scheme of the
      Tat Bank in Macedonia has broadened, threatening a political
      crisis. The latest allegations involve the Minister for Public
      Works, Jorgo Sundovski, who has categorically denied involvement
  85  in the affair. The increasing number of state officials and
      members of the ruling Social Democratic Alliance named in the
      scandal is becoming severely embarassing for the government and
      the leader of the Alliance, Prime Minister Branko Crvenkovski. The
      Mayor of Bitola, Siljan Micevski and his wife are still in prison
  90  for their role in the affair in which depositors were stripped of
      millions of German marks.

      Prepared by: Marija Milosavljevic
      Edited by: Julia Glyn-Pickett

  95  ODRAZ B92, Belgrade                             Daily News Service
      E-mail: odrazb92@b92.opennet.org, beograd@siicom.com
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