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Protests in Serbia Archive
Odraz B92 Daily News Service

      ODRAZ B92, Belgrade                             Daily News Service

      Odraz B92 vesti (by 4 PM), April 14, 1997

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        Session of Management of Montenegrin Ruling Party  . . . . .  20
        Polling Stations Opened in Eastern Slavonia  . . . . . . . .  34
        Klein Proud of Eastern Slavonia Residents  . . . . . . . . .  44
  15    News in Brief  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  54
        Karic: I Would Get Support of Kosovo Albanians . . . . . . .  69


      NEWS BY 4 PM


      Management Board of the Montenegrin ruling Democratic Party of
      Socialists (DPS) convened on Monday. According to Montena Fax, the
      meeting is expected to bring the dissentions in the party to an
      end after the Board had agreed with Montenegrin President Momir
  25  Bulatovic's dmand that Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic
      must replace four of his close associates. A high-ranking DPS
      official who asked to remain anonymous told Montena-Fax that it
      was no longer a matter of who wins in the contention, but whether
      the party would survive it. He said that there had appeared a
  30  third faction against both President's and Prime Minister's
      faction, lead by Predrag Bulatovic, the DPS leader in Podgorica
      who accused President Momir Bulatovic of being equally responsible
      for the clashes as Prime Minister Djukanovic.


  35  The local and regional elections in Eastern Slavonia continued for
      the second day on Monday after Sunday's difficulties with the
      electoral registers and lack of polling lists, according to AFP
      and FoNet. UN noted that chief of the UNTAES Jacques Klein had
      made a decision to allow this in order to enable the Serbs who had
  40  applied for Croatian documents and had still not received them to
      collect them on Monday and immediatelly go to polling stations and
      cast their votes. As was announced on Sunday, the polling stations
      will be open until 19:00.


  45  Chief of the UN Transitional Administration for Eastern Slavonia
      Jacques Klein stated on Monday that he believed he would be able
      by the end of the day to announce that the elections in Eastern
      Slavonia had satisfied international legal standards, despite all
      problems and irregularities on Sunday. He said that everything was
  50  being done to correct Sunday's irregularities. Mr. Klein stated
      that the turn out was outstanding, specifying that 90% of the
      Eastern Slavonia electorate had cast their wotes by 9 p.m. on


  55  UN High Commissioner for Refugees Sadako Ogata arrives in Bosnia
      on Monday to look into the implementation of the repatriation
      program, according to AFP and FoNet. The program is to repatriate
      800,000 refugees from Bosnia. UN officials demanded last week that
      the NATO member countries consider the possibility of the
  60  postponement of the Stabilization Forces until end of 1998, so
      that the refugees would have more time to return to their homes.

      Leader of the Democratic Action Party (SDA) in Sandzak, Sulejman
      Ugljanin demanded on Monday that the Czech Government support the
      solution of the Sandzak region status. The demand came in Mr.
  65  Ugljanin's meeting with Czech Ambassador to Belgrade Ivan Bunjak,
      according to Montena Fax. ``Without a solution of the status of
      Sandzak and Bosniac [Muslims] in FR Yugoslavia there will be no
      security for the Bosniac people,'' stated Mr. Ugljanin.


  70  The businessman Bogoljub Karic stated for the Monday issue of the
      Pristina daily in Albanian 'Koha ditore' that he had definitely
      decided to run for Serbian president but only if the elections be
      regular. He expected that 70--80% of the Kosovo Albanians would
      vote for him if they decided to participate in the elections. He
  75  announced round tables on Kosovo to be broadcast over his BK
      Television. He said these would take place at the BK Pec (Kosovo)
      studio and called on representatives of Serb and Albanian parties
      to participate these.

      Prepared by: Marija Milosavljevic
  80  Edited by: Steve Agnew

      ODRAZ B92, Belgrade                             Daily News Service
      E-mail: odrazb92@b92.opennet.org, beograd@siicom.com
      WWW:    http://www.siicom.com/odrazb/, http://www.opennet.org/b92/
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