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Protests in Serbia Archive
Odraz B92 Daily News Service

    ODRAZ B92, Belgrade                             Daily News Service

    Odraz B92 vesti (by 4 PM), March 11, 1997

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    NEWS BY 4 PM


    Spokesman for the Serbian Renewal Movement, member party of the
    Zajedno coalition, Ivan Kovacevic, on Tuesday announced that
    Zajedno would boycott Republican elections and begin new protests,
    if Serbian authorities do not organise a round table on creating
    equal electoral conditions for all.

    Mr Kovacevic said that the new draught law on information must be
    debated at the round table, but that it would only be part of the
    agenda. New law was also aimed against BK Television, because Ms
    Milentijevic will attempt to prevent this private broadcaster from
    transmitting to all Serbia, he added.

    Referring to the article of the law which requires publishers and
    broadcasters to acknowledge financial assistance in each program
    or issue, Mr Kovacevic had this to say: ``If this was clause is to
    be seriously debated, my party would propose an amendment. We
    would demand that the state television channels must declare
    before each program that as it receives no money from the anti-
    Serb international community, and as North Korea and Cuba have no
    money, RTS is forced to finance itself from citizens' electricity


    The Montenegrin Prime Minister, Milo Djukanovic, announced in
    Washington on Monday that the USA ``was ready to remove the outer
    wall of sanctions for Montenegrin assets which have been blocked
    in the USA,'' Mr Djukanovic says that the American administration
    will return four ships to Montenegro. It is expected that this
    will be formally confirmed by the middle of the week.

    Mr Djukanovic has also had discussions with representatives of the
    World Bank, and it is expected that an agreement on technical
    coopeartion between the World Bank and Montenegro will soon be


    General Manager of the BK Television, Vera Radojicic-Potparic on
    Monday expressed scepticism about state television RTS stated
    reasons for cancelling transmission contracts with the private

    Addressing BK's viewers, Ms Radojicic-Potparic said that ``almost
    all Serbian television stations broacast via RTS's transmitters
    and they pay the lease for that. Mr Milanovic claims that their
    decision was unrelated to the freedom of the media or restriction
    of viewers' right to choose their sources of information. He has
    said RTS merely wants to expand its capacity. I must express
    doubts about that, because we are an information service, and RTS
    has cancelled only our contract. Televsion stations that sing for
    24 hours are unaffected.''  Ms Radojicic-Potparic also said that
    electronic equipment in RTS sites was no larger than a small
    refrigerator, and that obviously BK must be deprived of that, for
    the sake of RTS's ``expansion.'' She added that, with the help of
    the citizens of many cities in Serbia, BK will find a way to
    transmit its programmes to those cities. ``We all know that what
    we are talking about here is the freedom of the media and our
    right to choose our own future,'' said the BK Acting Director.


    President of the Parliamentary Party Of Kosovo, Adem Demaci, has
    informed the Kosovo representative of the Organization for
    Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Max van der Schtoel,
    that Kosovo Albanians could not accept the conclusions and
    recommendations of the OSCE.  In his letter to Mr Schtoel, Mr
    Demaci said that the OSCE treated Albanians as a minority in
    Kosovo, and accepted the aggression of Serbia. The question of
    Kosovo had not been considered at peace conferences in the Hague,
    London and Dayton, and the OSCE accepted the matter as the
    internal affair of Serbia, which could be solved by giving
    autonomy to that province. Mr Demaci emphasised that, after the
    former Yugoslavia had disintegrated, Kosovo did not participate in
    the creation of the new Federation between Serbia and Montenegro.
    Such an approach was contrary to the UN Charter and unacceptable
    for Albanians in Kosovo, said Mr Demaci.


    The Government of Republika Srpska has accepted the proposal of
    the Agreement on special relations between Republika Srpska and
    Yugoslavia, which was signed on February 28, FoNet reports.

    Prepared by: Goran Dimitrijevic
    Edited by: Steve Agnew

    ODRAZ B92, Belgrade                             Daily News Service
    E-mail: odrazb92@b92.opennet.org, beograd@siicom.com
    WWW:    http://www.siicom.com/odrazb/, http://www.opennet.org/b92/

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