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Protests in Serbia Archive
Patriotism, by LDowd93370@aol.com

Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 03:52:20 -0500 (EST)
From: LDowd93370@aol.com
You....those of you currently fighting for your freedom as true member's of the world's democracies (no People's Democratic Republic's members need apply) are the true patriot's of today!
What is real patriotism? To borrow from one of my favorite modern philosophers: Robert Heilein (no lover of govt. despots, communist hardliners, no matter their current guise or dictatorial fools), patriotism is as necessary a part of our basic hardwiring as our eyes; fundamental to our survival as a race of beings. This is not something demogogues dream about. This is not sugarcoated sentiment but rather the hardest sort of logic.
Take any breed of animal...say a dinosaur. What is the most basic thing about it? The answer is it's dead, gone, extinct!
For Heinlein, the highest moral level of behavior are actions that tend towards the survival of the entire race. As in giving your life for someone else perhaps not deemed by others as not being worthy of the sacrifice, patriotism can be boiled down the perhaps such a rude and non-intellectual expression as " Women and Children first"
Please this is not in any way intended as paternalistic drivel. The males may die but if our link to the future is dead so are we all, whether we like it or not. If we fail to save our "future" we've had it, we're done, through!
In your case, the dictator, his wife, family and their associated "pets" are the dinosaurs...they will die off...slower than is right and proper but die they will! You are the true Patriots. You are fighting for your, and by direct proxy, for our future. Hopefully, many of us who have grown accustomed to our easy freedoms will not miss the true significance of what you are doing for your loved ones; wives, husbands, parents, children and grandchildren. etc....for all of us. YOU are fighting for our future. For what amounts to our survival as beings worthy of surviving in this our world. There is very little I can do to directly help you in this time of struggle. I will pray; for your continued strength, courage and wisdom. For the world not to turn it's collective back on you. And for the hope of all of our "future".
Never forget...YOU are the true Patriots!!

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