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Protests in Serbia Archive
Ivo Skoric on terrorism in Kosova

Jan. 20

Names of policemen in Republika Srpska are considered a state secret. I am not surprised. Various Latin American police and para-military death squads didn't want their names known either. I am just surprised they didnoods like KKK while doing their infamous deeds.

Milosevic announced "restructuring" of government. A typical charade: most of people wants this government gone, extinct, vanished, forgotten, never happened, and he is talking about restructuring?! This is like offering a face lift to somebody who suffers of terminal lung cancer.

Draskovic meanwhile announced that Zajedno is going to form a shadow government. Well, it's about time. The opposition needs to come out on issues, it can't continue to define itself only as an anti-Milosevic political option.

But the most interesting news this week was appearance of terrorism in Kosova. Suddenly. Abruptly. After all this years of oppression. After all this years of war. Now, when there is no more war and now when Rugova and Milosevic signed something close to a peace agreement. Milosevic will re-allow education in Albanian language. Rugova will keep his people quite in the matters of secession. So, why K.L.A. now?

Terrorist activity will undermine and perhaps block the peace process, and also will instigate fear among Kosovo Serbs. Exactly what besieged Milosevic needs now: an excuse to stay in power contrary to the will of people: the war is always a great excuse.

In an expectably incendiary speech, Pristina's mayor, Dusan Simic blasted Zajecno leaders, almost if they were behind the killing of Pristina University rector.

Vojislav Seselj said: "This is just the beginning of more serious terrorist actions by Albanian separatists, which are planned for March." Note the use of passive tense, as if to avoid to say who actually planned those terrorist actions. Seselj, always hinted that he knew too much for Milosevic to get rid of him easily. Maybe he did not lie.


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