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Protests in Serbia Archive
Democratic Party press conference of Feb 4

The President of Democratic Party said that, in his opinion, the letter of Milosevic was not another maneuver of him, and that he has realized that, after all, he has to recognize electoral results.

Zoran Djindjic informed the press that protests would be continued until complete verifying of all electoral results and until implementation of law in media, which allows access of all parliament parties to media, whose founder is Serbia Assembly. One of the guaranties that the media will be free is removing of all editors who run unseen propaganda against the part of their own nation.
-Another demand is setting of investigation and legal proceedings against all those who had stretched their authority. The coalition Zajedno will not wait arresting or punishing, instead the coalition will be pleased with staring of investigation and legal proceedings.
Fulfillment of these demands is the first condition for starting of negotiations over electoral rule and condition for issue writs for Republic elections.
President of DS thinks that crucial moments for such decision of Milosevic were the last incidents between peaceful protesters and police forces who acted in a complete inadequate way.
Zoran Djindjic stressed that finishing of protests without any conditions to inform the public in Serbia about the real facts will not achieve the goals, especially after the state media had called the protesters " foreign mercenaries" and "the fifth column".

President of DP stressed that that there is a big support from all over the world to the process of democratization of Serbia . This support is not given to any particular political party, but to Serbian people and to students, who has been protesting 77 days in Serbia cities and streets struggling for democratic changes.
Asked about media, he replied that negotiations are not necessary for free media and that few days will be enough for implementation of Law and for verifying of deputies' seats; citizens throughout Serbia celebrated their victory on Nov 17, however we like to celebrate and we will celebrate after releasing of the Studio B.

The President of DP condemned the use of force of any side, including some young people who throw rocks at police vehicles.

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