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Protests in Serbia Archive
AEGEE President goes Beograd

From: AEGEE-Europe 
Subject:      AEGEE PRESS RELEASE 2/97

Ref: AEGEE2/97  Date:   January 15, 1997
AEGEE actively supports Beograd students protest for democracy

The president of AEGEE, Gerhard Kress, went to Beograd in order to get an objective image of the situation there and to demonstrate the active support of the association towards Serbian Students. Thus following the philosophy of AEGEE, which is to strive for an open society by enforcing the idea of Democracy. Ten representants of the students' movement and of Radio B92 followed our invitation to the final conference of the Project "Find Your Way To.and Within an Open Society." in Budapest last month with the support of the Open Society Institute and requested the co-operation of the Association. Spontaneously , four Dutch members went there as a first sign of support, speking with the students and answering their questions, getting an image of the situation. At their return they were enthusiastic of the firmness and the determination of the students. Impressing was also the judiciousness witth which the students very specifically defined their aims. During this visit the President will stress again the importance of the protest, if something clear comes after. One of the major things AEGEE requests, together with the students' movement as a whole, is the possibility for Students' organisations to be officially recognised, since, at the moment, the only recognised organisations are still those of the past regime. Our antennae in Beograd and Novi-Sad, are actively supporting the protest from the beginning. AEGEE is now trying to build a bridge between those students and Europe, supporting their real goal. Entering in Europe overcoming their near past.

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