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News Archive 1998
Opening of new hunting season on "Undesirables"

Message from Women in Black, Belgrade,
30 September 1998

The most recent session of the Serbian Parliament (September 28, 1998) demonstrated the highest level of ethnic homogenization and perfect unity between leader, people and political parties that has been achieved since the beginning of the most recent wars in the Balkans (1991).

Of course, in regards to Kosovo, the war continues but only by different means. Small concessions are made to the international community so that the regime can stay in power. For a long time, patriotism has been the most profitable business section in Serbia. That is why the regime and the people sharing their opinions strut around to defend Kosovo with other people's sufferings and lives.

To confirm the reputation of Seselj, one of the greatest chauvinists and perpetrators of ethnic cleansing in Serbia's political life, we cite from his most recent speech to Parliament when he threatened Serbia's "enemies within":

"We should take the US threats very seriously, but we must not be frightened. We will have an enormous number of victims and great material damages, but we don't have a spare fatherland. We must fight at all costs, no matter by whom we are attacked. Our determination to defend ourselves by all means should prove that if they want to attack us they should withdraw their supporters."

Seselj demand that the USA, in case they attacked Serbia, "withdraw at that time their Quislings like members of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, the Belgrade (Intellectual) Circle, Wommen in Black, and not to leave them as hostages. Maybe we cannot reach every aeroplane, but we will grab those that are close to us."

Seselj, of course, abused his functions as vice-premier but that should not surprise anyone. members of parliament and members of the government, including the president, have supported Seselj, and this time too, his aggressive, chauvinistic and militaristic politics that affirm as the only way to govern.

Experience in this region shows that first come the rhetoric of lynching and then the lynching of people. Since we cannot count on any protection in this country, we inform you of this threat. This same information we sent to all relevant international organizations It seems as if the international public can be our only protection.

Belgrade, 30 September 98

Women in Black

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