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News Archive 1998
UNMBiH Security Alert for Republika Srpska

Quoted from a message from
Jasmin Osmanagic
Information Officer
UNDP B&H, Sarajevo

Risk Assessment

As of 15 November, reactions in the Republika Srpska to the arrest of Radislav Krstic have included one violent demonstration during which International Community (IC) personnel were assaulted, non-violent protest demonstrations, two explosive and one incendiary attack against IC property, and media denunciations by RS political leaders. RS military units are under control, and RS civil police have thus far been effective in dealing with civil disturbances. The security situation remains volatile.

Civil disturbance and further violence is probable, public demonstrations with potential for violent activity, low-level physical assaults against accessible IC persons, and attacks on IC property capable of producing casualties, using small arms, grenades, incendiary or other explosive devices are probable in the eastern RS, especially in the areas with which Radislav Krstic was associated.
These areas include Vlasenica, Bratunac, Sokolac. Srebrenica, Pale, Zvornik, Han Pijesak, Cagnice and Sekovici.

Although not specifically associated -with Radislav Krstic, protest or violent activity by extremists could also occur in Brcko, Bijcljina, Doboj. Teslic or other areas.

The western RS is considerably less volatile than the above areas, but isolated protests or violence cannot be ruled out there either.

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