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News and background sources on Kosov@ and the Balkans
(Last updated: March 2000)

AIM (Alternativna Informativna Mreza)
Alternative Information Network in former Yugoslavia, operating from various places in FRY and abroad.

Beta Press
Independent Belgrade news agency

News site which aims to present first-hand reports, histories, commentaries and links to other information sources on the Kosov@ crisis

Free B92
The Independent Belgrade radio station B92 has been sealed off by the Serbian authorities since 2nd April 1999. Since then, the station has continued its activities from exile.

Free Serbia
A site run by Serbian students and other anti-war activists, aimed against both the Milosevic regime and the NATO strikes

Human Rights Watch
International NGO, with field workers in the Balkans

© Institute of War &Peace Reporting
London-based institute, with field workers in the Balkans

Press Now
Dutch-based site that aims to support independent media in the Balkans

Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research
Scandinavian-based NGO, with commentaries on the Kosov@ crisis

I love YU
A.o. Petition for resignation of Slobodan Milosevic

Federal Repulic of Yugoslavia
Official web site of the Federal Ministery of Information

News site by the Federal Ministery of Information

Tanjug News Agency

More links at Socia Media

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