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Hope on the Balkans
Reports on Kosova 1998

Oct 14: Kosov@ Situation Report
Sep 20: Kosov@ Situation Report
Sep 13: Kosov@ Situation Report
Sep 3: Kosov@ Situation Report
Aug 21: Kosov@ Situation Report
Aug 14: Kosov@ Situation Report
July 10: International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights Calls For Monitoring and Preventive Force
June 30: Reports from Amnesty International:
    About this document series

  1. Background: A crisis waiting to happen (AI Index: EUR 70/32/98).
    19 Kb
  2. Violence in Drenica (AI Index: EUR 70/33/98).
    40 Kb
  3. Deaths in custody, torture and ill-treatment (AI Index: EUR 70/34/98).
    25 Kb
  4. Unfair trials and abuses of due process (AI Index: EUR 70/35/98).
    25 Kb
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March 9: Kosov@ status report
March 3: Report on attacks against ethnic Albanians
from the Centre for protection of Women and Children

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