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Archive January-June 2000

Berisha the 'troublemaker'
The UN fears charismatic Tirana politician, Sali Berisha, is seeking to fire-up Albanian nationalists in Kosovo.
16th June 2000

Will CBS report Amnesty's war crimes charges?
When asked about possible war crimes committed by NATO forces, CBS News anchor Dan Rather stated that "If our government engages in war crimes, it's at least as important, and I would agree with you more important, that we report the war crime."
13th June 2000

UN failing kosovars
A year into its tenure in Kosovo, few of the UN's goals have been achieved.
12th June 2000

Serbia bottoms out
There is desire for change in Serbia. But it comes from the heartlands, not Belgrade, from people facing severe hardship and student activists ready to take real risks. The regime, and the opposition, offer nothing.
2nd June 2000

The unrealistic dream of a multi-ethnic Kosova
The international community wants to end debate over the crimes in Kosova and reach an understanding between Serbs and Albanians. But so soon after the war, cohabitation cannot work and a new strategy for living side-by-side must be found.
31st May 2000

With youth on their side
Since the movement's official launch in October 1998, Otpor! has maintained its commitment to non-violence and political independence; it still limits its demands to calling for free and fair elections and the abolition of repressive media and university laws.
22nd May 2000

Not even an 'l' for the law
Biljana Kovacevic-Vuco, a legal expert of the Yugoslav Committee for Human Rights, commenting on the brutal performance against 'Blic' daily, Radio Index, and Radio B2-92.
22nd May 2000

Civil war gets off to a flying start
With the closure of its independent media, Serbia has moved a step closer to what even the most optimistic now see as unavoidable - civil war.
19th May 2000

Gypsies sing the blues
The West seems to devote more energy to celebrating Gypsy culture than protectiing the rights of this increasingly persecuted minority.
19th May 2000

Threats from the Supreme Headquarters
For the first time "the highest professional and military rank office for preparing and using the army during times of war and peace" announced that politicians - that is to say civilians - "are threatening the security of the country".
16th May 2000

The Tarle episode
Two important liberal media in Kosovo squabble over who is the greatest victim, though the immediate loser was journalism.
16th May 2000

Recent positive impulses in the Balkans
The Balkans has to find its own way to prosperity - which will only be possible when its nations realize that it is not what country they live in that matters, but the quality of their life, tolerance and cooperation.
12th May 2000

Betrek Servi bij onderhandelingen Kosovo
(In Dutch)
De actuele situatie in Kosovo geeft redenen te over om op korte termijn te werken aan een tweede ronde van vredesbesprekingen over Kosovo, waarbij geen van de conflictpartijen wordt buitengesloten.
12 mei 2000

Milosevic's fortress crumbles
Once considered a symbol of regime power, the town of Pozarevac is today more a symbol of its weakness.
12th May 2000

Serbian journalism on trial
The arrest of Miroslav Filipovic came as part of a concerted campaign by the authorities to brand all independent journalists foreign mercenaries and spies.
12th May 2000

Effects of the "Operation Pozarevac"
In the wake of the revoking of the opposition rally in Pozarevac, it seems that the regime has strengthened its position. That of course is a short-term gain, while in the middle and especially the long run the future of the regime is very dismal.
11th May 2000

It's impossible to accomplish extremist goals by democratic means
Interview with Momcilo Trajkovic, President of Serb Resistance Movement from Kosovo.
8th May 2000

Possibilities for democratisation of Serbia
An analysis by Marija Martinic
7th May 2000

The regime won't hold on power much longer
Interview with Goran Milicevic, Belgrade University professor
4th May 2000

Better 'contact' than conflict
Long the target of Serb radials, Kosovo's only mult-ethnic radio station is now falling victim to Albanian extremists.
28th April 2000

Pointless opposition
While Milosevic controls all with precision and proficiency, the opposition is totally lost, running around like headless chickens.
28th April 2000

Putin's victory is bad news for Belgrade
There are signs the Kremlin is distancing itself from Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic who has, once again, backed the wrong horse.
20th April 2000

We will stay together - for the victory
Comments by Serbian opposition representatives at the rally of April 14th.
14th April 2000

Kosovo must not be forgotten: Brussels Appeal
An appeal by Belgian scientists
30th March 2000

Preserving the spirit of the parallel society
How can outsiders best help to strengthen Kosovar civil society without imposing foreign values and sapping its spirit? This key question rarely receives enough attention.
27th March 2000

The legal challenge
Making law in and about Kosovo is the only long-term solution to the region's problems.
27th March 2000

NATO commitment wavers
NATO members are finding it increasingly difficult to sustain their commitment to the Kosovo peace process.
27th March 2000

Interview: building a new future
Veton Surroi, publisher of Koha Ditore, was an independent member of the Kosovo Albanian negotiating team. An interview on the eve of the anniversary of the bombing campaign.
27th March 2000

Wounds need time to heal
Minorities in Kosovo are in prison, trapped in guarded enclaves and living in fear, but steps can be taken to break the cycle of revenge.
27th March 2000

Hopes of coexistence dashed
The prospect of people of different nationalities and religion living together again has been destroyed.
27th March 2000

Kosovo honeymoon ends
America is running out of patience with Kosovo Albanian leaders over their failure to curb militant members of their community.
21st March 2000

Balkan futures
It's been almost a year since the beginning of the Kosovo war and it is time to take stock. In many ways, it is easier to understand what has happened than what is going to happen, not only because the future is inherently unknowable, but because the future of the Balkans is particularly opaque.
20th March 2000

Kurti's long night
The sentencing in Serbia of a former student activist from Kosovo highlights the West's failure to support nonviolent protesters before the war, and civil development now.
17th March 2000

French Kosovo dilemma
French KFOR troops are struggling to fend off accusations of bias in Mitrovica's ethnic powder-keg.
10th March 2000

Increasing demand for Training For Forgiveness
Peace may look impossible, but until we have tried, we don't know that it is.
3rd March 2000

Albanian feuding in Kosovo must end
The tension in Mitrovica highlights the need for local Albanian leaders to put aside their differences and focus on building a new society in post-war Kosovo.
22nd February 2000

I know who killed Bulatovic
The death of a defence minister has raised the question: Who rules Serbia?
16th February 2000

The Belgrade stranglehold
The establishment in Serbia retains an iron grip on public debate, stamping out any attempts to consider real responsibility for the country's enormous defeat.
11th February 2000

Murder in Belgrade: an elite feud or a drug war?
Yugoslav Defense Minister Pavle Bulatovic was assassinated Feb. 7 in a Belgrade restaurant. Although media rumors have linked his murder to that of Serb warlord Zeljko Raznatovic, both deaths are in fact results of a much longer string of killings in Serbia.
10th February 2000

UN broke in Kosovo: not even Nordic governments care
Isn't it amazing that the new moralists who profess to protect human rights, democracy and peace and who spent unlimited funds on warfare now don't even bother to provide the UN with the minimum funds to bring peace to Kosovo?
8th February 2000

Kosovo: The United States looking for an exit
The United States is moving to redefine its policy in Kosovo. It appears that Washington is now in the process of redefining its role and quite possibly preparing to withdraw its forces.
7th February 2000

Serbia today: the hole in the head
If some important reasons were necessary for killing such a big shot like Arkan, it does not necessarily mean that unimportance is a sufficient protection. In Serbia these days, one can be killed out of very unimportant reasons. Nevertheless, statistically speaking, it is much safer to be a nobody.
25th January 2000

Who are the Serbian rich men?
The Serbian society is divided into two segments: about 200.000 are rich and the rest are poor.
25th January 2000

Serbia in the broken mirror: Careful opposition
While the opposition parties are double-checking their tactics, the regime parties are gathering their membership through congressional preparations.
25th January 2000

Death in Serbia
VREME's request to officials.
25th January 2000

Joint statement of Serb opposition and Kosovo Serbs
Presidents of democratic opposition parties and representatives of the Serbs of Kosovo and Metohija met on January 19, 2000. The meeting was organised by the Democratic Party of Serbia in the party offices. Participants in the opposition meeting unanimously adopted the following statement.
19th January 2000

Opionion poll in Serbia
The results of the latest public opinion poll in Serbia carried out by the Centre for Politicological Research and Public Opinion of the Institute for Social Sciences in Belgrade.
17th January 2000

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