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Dear friends,

With this letter we invite you to join a meeting next Tuesday June 15 in the 'Vredeshuis' in Gent (Belgium) to discuss the recent developments around Kosovo and to share the vision to organise a peace walk to Kosovo. Especially following the 'peace agreement' and the end of the NATO bombings and ethnical violence, we believe that we should take time to share our different visions about the need for an international peace walk.

At the meeting we will have representatives of For Mother Earth. We also expect Junsei Terasawa who continues to plan a walk with the Soldier's Mothers from Russia. We hope to welcome other people, especially from Germany and Italy, as they had very strong visions around such an initiative. Anybody who can not attend the meeting, can of course send us their thoughts through E-mail or fax <+32-9-233 73 02>. There will also be an introduction by Georges Spriet from 'Vrede', who has been following events in the Balkan since 1991.

The meeting will be from 12:00 to 17:00 in 'Vredeshuis (City Council Peace House), Sint-Margrietstraat in Gent (very close to 'Castle' in the centre of town). Let us know if you need a place to stay for the night.

Proposed agenda & schedule:


12:00 Welcoming and introduction by For Mother Earth.

Introduction of participants and share our expectations for the meeting.

12:30 Georges Spriet, from Vrede, will give an introduction around Kosovo, and give political analyse around the recent events. Georges have been following the events in the Balkan since 1991. Followed by discussion.

14:00 Tea and coffee break

14:30 Introduction by Junsei Terasawa for the need of a peace walk to Kosovo. Junsei Terasawa is a Japanese Buddhist mong with the Nipponzan Myohiji living and working mostly in Moscow. Followed by discussion.

17:00 End

Looking forward to hear from you,


Pol D'Huyvetter For Mother Earth International Office

Source: Mother Earth

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