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The Holy Synod of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church

Holy Synod of
Bishops, Serbian Orthodox Church

Statement of the Holy Synod of Bishops

The Holy Synod of Bishops is deeply worried, due to the most recent events in Kosovo and Metohia and the latest exodus of our people living in that province. Therefore, the Holy Synod of Bishops addresses International forces, now occupying Kosovo and Metohia, to protect equally the rights of the Albanians and their return to their homes, as well as the Serbian people and the members of the other nationalities living in Kosovo and Metohia.

We also request the urgent protection of the monasteries of the Patriarchate of Pec, monasteries Decani and Gracanica, and other great shrines of the Serbian people.

We also approach our brothers from Kosovo and Metohia with the appeal to stay on their centuries-long hearths and not to abandon their shrines, being convinced in the truthfulness of Christ's words: "He who endures to the end, he will be saved".

Faced with the tragic position of all our people and of the Federal state, convinced that the final judgement and justice lies in the name of God, and not in the instrumentalized Tribunal in the Hague, at the same time we demand the present President of the State and his Government to resign, so that new people, acceptable to the domestic and international public, could, as the Government of National Salvation, take over the responsibility for their people and its future.

Every reasonable man understands clearly that numerous internal problems and contradictions, as well as the isolation of our country on the international level, cannot be settled and overcome with such a government, and under the present conditions.

Serbian Orthodox Church

Source: Free Serbia

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