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During the now ended (?!) NATO millitary expedition over Yugoslavia, there has often been mentioned that the people that opposed NATO aggression were the victims of regime propaganda. I don't doubt that this was sometimes the case, but I think that those ones saying that are in the most cases victims of NATO propaganda. This propaganda works very simple:

1. There has been full TV coverage of only one side suffering (in this case, the Albanian side), while the casualties and sufferings of the other side are widely ignored, minimized, or made abstract by quoting nubmers without showing the faces of victims of terror. This makes people, who uncritically accept these reports for whole truth, upset and eager TO DO SOMETHING. Off course, the question is WHAT...

2. Since the most of propaganda consumers don't have the simple answer to that question, and they don't want to, or are uncapable of thinking for themselves, NATO propaganda gives a simple answer. THE ONLY SOLUTION is military intervention. There is no real analysis of the situation, or it is superficial, or severely biased. But, who cares, the only important thing is that the merchandise is sold to the consumer. Who cares wether McDonalds really sell beef hamburgers, it's important that it taste like something you were told that is beef taste...

3. The cherry on the top of NATO propaganda cake is implanting in the brain of its consuments that ALL THOSE who even suspect that No2 might be wrong are: - the victims of Serbian propaganda (Hah! What a propaganda! With it's governmental TV network almost destroyed, Serbia stands against hundreds of "democratic information" bombardment form hundreds of satelite TV, Internet, newspaper, rdio stations...) - The supporters of Slobodan Milosevic The worst of all is that consumers that accept this presumption close the circle of propaganda in their heads since it's impossible that someone who thinks different even talk to them, because of automatic disqualification on basis of last presumption.

"Red Baron"

Source: Free Serbia

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