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Crisis 1999
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Appeal to academic community

In present overall crisis of the society, which questions even the existence of the nation and the country, regime refuses to face unavoidable consequences of its acts. Since there is no doubt that such an unsuccessful authorities will face removal, every delay of that removal will prolong the suffering and misery of great majority of the population.

The regime definitely lost its already speculative legitimacy, gained at the elections that were boycotted by the half of the electorate because of unfair conditions. The only way out from today's tragic position would be dismissal of the regime that led the country into it.

Therefore, University Committee for Democracy support the mass demands for resignations of both Federal and Serbian president, since they, as indicted war criminals, whether they are guilty or not, cannot be appropriate representatives of the country, nor can fulfill the basic tasks that their position requires. Also, we support the demand for resignation of the Federal government, and the election of new one, in accordance with the electoral will of the Montenegro citizens, in order to prevent the announced break-up of the Federation. We, also, join demands for urgent resignation of the other half of Serbian government, since one half of it already submitted their resignation.

Dramatic situation, urges assembling of interim experts' government both Serbian and Federal, that should have one year mandate - until the elections at all levels. Main task of those governments would be the reconstruction of infrastructure, especially, energetic and transport, which is crucial for the bare survival during the wintertime, and which cannot be performed without foreign aid and investments that are refused for the current leadership. The other basic task for these governments should be the preparation of the codex of necessary laws for transition to the open, democratic and economically oriented society.

Since the mission of the University isn't the sole education of young population, but it imply the wider social engagement, at this moment, when the bare subsistence of the people is in question, we join the dramatic appeals of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Councils of numerous cities, unions, non-government organizations, political parties and students' organizations, and invite the whole academic community to take part in the search for the solutions, which would provide the exit from the current catastrophe.

University Committee for Democracy

Source: Free Serbia

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