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Mira Markovic: NATO will steal votes for opposition

POZAREVAC, Friday -- The director of the Yugoslav Left, Mirjana Markovic, told an election rally in Pozarevac yesterday that NATO was preparing to steal votes in the Yugoslav federal elections. Markovic, who is the wife of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, told a crowd of about 2,000 people in her home town that if NATO succeeded in stealing votes "as they had in Montenegro and the Republic of Srpska" the Alliance would announce a victory of the people's will and call it a triumph of democracy. If they failed, she said, they would denounce the Serbian authorities as being undemocratic.

Schools and business in Pozarevac closed early yesterday to allow participation in the rally. A number of supporters were bussed in from other municipalities. A police cordon kept the crowd at a distance of thirty metres from the stage.

Markovic is making her first attempt at a direct entry to politics with a nomination for a seat in the Federal Parliament. She heads the joint ticket of the Socialist Party and her own Yugoslav Left for the Chamber of the Republics, the parliament's upper House.

Source: B92

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