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Pesic: Two and half million votes for Kostunica

BELGRADE, Thursday -- Vojislav Kostunica was the first Yugoslav politician in ten years to appear ahead of Slobodan Milosevic in opinion surveys as the most trusted politician, the director of the Centre for Anti-War Action, Vesna Pesic, said today.

Pesic, the former president of the Civil Alliance of Serbia, said that there were indications that about seventy per cent of the electorate would cast their votes in the September 24 elections. About two and a half million would vote for Kostunica, she said, while Milosevic could only count on about 1.4 million votes. If Kostunica and Milosevic competed in the second round, said Pesic, Kostunica would certainly win.

Zoran Lucic of the Centre for Free Elections and Democracy told a press conference today that the latest surveys indicated that close to five million voters would turn out for the elections. With this number, he said, the opportunities for vote manipulation were considerable reduced. Even if Milosevic were able to count on two million votes, said Lucic, this would not be sufficient for him to claim victory in the first round of the presidential election.

Source: B92

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