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More violence against Serbs
Clinton warns Albanians

The last two Serbs in Mali Trnaovac, Kosovo, disappeared yesterday. Local police stated that they found only blood and bullet cartridges at their home in the tampon zone between Serbia and Kosovo. A representative from the Bujanovac Committee for Human Rights said that around twenty Albanian families had left the village in fear of revenge attacks.

A 50 year old Serb was shot dead in his Kosovo Polje garden at around 3 p.m. today. Two days ago Kica Milanovic returned to Kosovo having escaped to Serbia at the beginning of the war last year. Other details are not known

At today's rally organised by Kosovo Serbs in the mountain village of Brezovica, Serbs demanded that KFOR, UNMIK and OSCE seriously approach the problem of investigating the cases of missing and kidnapped Serbs. They also demanded the urgent provision of free movement of all persons regardless of their nationality, to begin the process of the return of more that 350000 persons expelled from Kosovo and compensation for properties destroyed during the NATO bombing. After the rally the protesters blocked the main road from Krusevac to Prisren for twenty minutes.

President of the USA, Bill Clinton warned Kosovo Albanians that violence towards the non-Albanian population in Kosovo would reflect negatively on the future of the province. In an interview for Athens daily Vima, Clinton said the international community must do everything to stop the violence in Kosovo.

Source: B92

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