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Terrorism legislation in Parliament next week

BELGRADE, Friday -- The Federal Government requested today that the Federal Parliament urgently adopt the proposal for the Anti Terrorism Act. The statement said that the experiences of countries that had problems with terrorism had been considered in drawing up the proposal, including Great Britain, Spain, France, Italy and Ireland. The Federal Parliament responded by calling extraordinary sessions in both houses for next Friday. The houses are also expected to debate new criminal and legal system legislation.

Montenegrin Justice Minister Dragan Soc stated today that the proposed Anti Terrorism Act would not be valid in Montenegro, 'The Montenegrin stance will remain as it is. We do not recognise the legitimacy of the federal authorities, and we will not recognise this act either,' Soc told Beta. According to his estimation, there was no reason for adopting a special legal measure in any fight against terrorism, because the existing legal frame was giving enough room for the necessary activities.

Source: B92

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