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Storm erupts over Pozarevac violence

Pozarevac, Thursday - In response to Tuesday's fight between Otpor members and associates of Yugoslav president's son Marko Milosevic, several leading opposition parties have agreed today to organise an anti-violence rally in the town on May 9. The Leader of the Civil Alliance of Serbia, Goran Svilanovic, said that the opposition would not allow the beating of young men and women from Otpor. He said the rally would be one of a series to be organised by the united opposition in May and June.

A delegation from the opposition will tomorrow visit the Belgrade Emergency Centre where Radojko Lukovic is being held after being seriously hurt in the fight two days ago. The hospital has demanded court protection after Studio B reported that its staff had been forbidden to treat Lukovic, Director Vladimir Djukic said today. According to unconfirmed information, Lukovic is in a serious condition, after suffering a brain haemorrhage and the loss of one eye.

Socialist Party of Serbia spokesman Nikola Sainovic has described the student organisation Otpor as a "fascistic phalanx". Calling a press conference today, he said Tuesday's fight had revealed Otpor as an instrument of the Serbian Renewal Movement. Sainovic said that the ruling party will not allow fascist-style methods, provocation and violence, to be introduced into Serbian political life. He went on to warn that the Socialist Party would take all legal and other measures to protect itself, adding that this included a possible ban on Otpor.

Belgrade broadcaster Studio B has now been charged twice over its coverage of the incident. The station was fined 450,000 dinars last night for reporting that three people were injured in the fight. New charges under the Information Act were filed today by one of the participants in the fight, who claimed that it was untrue that he "rushed out of the cafe, gun in hand, and struck Momcilo Veljkovic on the head"

Studio B Director Dragan Kojadinovic today described the charges as yet another proof of the campaign against Studio B, independent media, and all freethinking citizens.

Source: B92

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