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Conflicting accounts on whether graffiti activist charged

Leskovac, Friday -- Yugoslav Committee for Human Rights lawyer Zoran Petrovic confirmed after talks with Leskovac police that Otpor member Vladimir Stojkovic had been charged under Article 133 of the Criminal Act i.e. with calling for violation of the constitutional order. Petrovic also told B2-92 that the Municipal Court in Leskovac had denied that any charges had been filed again Stojkovic, who was arrested on Wednesday night.

A protest rally will be held tomorrow at 19:30 against the confinement of Stojkovic Speakers would include representatives from Otpor, the People's Parliament, the Renewal Movement and the Democratic Party. The Serbian Renewal Movement called on citizens to appear in large numbers and express solidarity with the arrested activist, whose only guilt was that he had wanted to draw a clenched fist - the symbol of Otpor - on the police building.

Source: B92

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