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Concerns about Stambolic's disappearance

NOVI SAD, BELGRADE Sunday - Vojvodina's League of Social Democrats is particularly concerned about the disappearance of Ivan Stambolic on Friday and the increasingly open methods of repression used against the regime's political enemies, Beta reports today. In a party statement issued today, the league called on all those linked to the disappearance of Stambolic to refuse to carry out any further orders from their superiors and urged the police to find the perpetrators of this crime.

Otpor today also expressed serious concern regarding the disappearance of former Serbian president Ivan Stambolic and urged the state authorities to do everything in their power to solve this case, reports Beta. Otpor spokesperson Ivan Marovic said that if the authorities failed to find the perpetrators of this crime, then the impression gained could be that they are in some way linked to the case.

The Democratic Alternative today criticised the Serbian state media for keeping silent regarding the disappearance of former Serbian president Ivan Stambolic thus implementing themselves in the case. Their party statement issued today states that when innocent people disappear and the state keeps such news from the public only two possible conclusions can be drawn, either that they are directly involved or they are protecting those who are.

Source: B92

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