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Serbs block road between Gnjilane and Urosevac

Kosovo, Sunday - Serbs blocked the road between Gnjilane and Urosevac near the village of Klokot for several hours last night in protest at the recent murder of local Serb Zivko Stolic, KFOR stated today. During the protest, approximately 100 Serbs threw stones at passing civilian vehicles, completely destroying two cars. Nobody was injured in the incident. American KFOR troops succeeded in bringing an end to the protest several hours later.

Aresenije Vitosevic from Orahovac, one of the Serbs on hunger strike in the prison in Kosovska Mitrovica was transferred to hospital today in a critical condition. His blood pressure is said to be dangerously high and doctors are fighting to save his life.

In Pristina the Kosovo Accademy of Science and Art and the Kosovo Democratic Alliance marked the anniversary of the death of the Alliance official Prof. Fehmi Agani by establishing an award in his name to be given to eminent individuals working in the field of humanity, freedom and democracy. Agani was murdered during the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia last year.

Source: B92

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