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Otpor activists released from custody

Belgrade, Monday - The three Otpor activists arrested in Pozarevac last week were released from custody this afternoon. The three were arrested after a clash with security guards employed by Marko Milosevic, the son of the Yugoslav president. One of those arrested, Radojko Lukovic, told Radio B2-92 today that he had been handcuffed to a bed in the Belgrade Emergency Centre while being given a blood transfusion, but that otherwise he had been well treated by police. He added that he would continue with his political activity and was pleased that the opposition had called a demonstration in Pozarevac tomorrow. Another of the student activists, Dusan Ignatovic, said today that during his six days in Pozarevac prison he had not been given medical assistance.

Appearing in court, all three Otpor members wore T-shirts with the movement's clenched fist logo and openly expressed their political views. While entering the courtroom, one of the defendants sang "Sloba, kill yourself and save Serbia". He also asked the presiding judge to remove a red star from the wall because it was destroying his concentration.

Source: B92

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