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Newly registered Otpor has no leader but many prominent members

Belgrade, Tuesday -- Activist of the people's movement Otpor Vukasin Petrovic said today that despite yesterday's registration of Otpor as an organisation, the movement will continue without an official leader, and its structure will not change. When asked about Otpor's reasons for registering, he said that the people's movement was launched to protect Otpor members from the regime, which had intended to increase the repression towards them; Otpor would also become legal, which would make the arrests of its members was more serious. According to Petrovic, the founding act of Otpor was when over 2,500 Belgraders signed up yesterday, plus the Council for Democratic Changes, New Serbia, Serbian Democratic Club "Defence" and the Civil Alliance of Serbia. Vladan Zivulovic, director of the Council for Democratic Changes' offices, said that this council, authorised by both presidents, Dusan Batakovic and Michael Djordjevic, was from now on at Otpor's disposal with all its capacities and contacts in the world and the Serbian diaspora. He also said that the Council would share all consequences equally with Otpor. Emphasising that the Council for Democratic Changes was the main source of financing Otpor, Vukasin Petrovic denied regime stories about financing of Otpor by foreign intelligence services.

Source: B92

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