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Pozarevac rally cancelled after regime provocation

Pozarevac, Tuesday - The united Serbian opposition today cancelled its planned rally in the central Serbian city of Pozarevac following a wave of arrests of student activists, opposition politicians and journalists across the republic.

A key factor in the cancellation of the rally was a parallel pro-government demonstration hastily organised in Pozarevac today by the regime. The pro-regime rally was described by its organisers as a celebration of fifty years since Serbia's victory over fascism. Opposition sources reported that the authorities bussed in pupils from primary schools in a number of towns to take part in the demonstration.

Opposition representatives told media today that the rally was called off for security reasons, adding that there are today more police in Pozarevac than in any other town in Europe.

There have been police roadblocks on all roads into Pozarevac since late last night. Police at these checkpoints have turned back opposition supporters attempting to enter the town. Early this morning, police stopped a truck carrying public address equipment to Pozarevac for today's planned rally, ordering the driver to return to Belgrade.

B2-92's Danijel Bukumirovic, who managed to enter Pozarevac early this morning, reported the situation in the town's central square as extremely tense.

Despite the official cancellation of the protest, a group of opposition supporters gathered metres away from the regime rally in the square. Local Serbian Renewal Movement leader Zivadin Jotic led the protesters in shouts of "Killers, killers, thieves".

Source: B92

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