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Belgrade rally passes without incident

Belgrade, Monday - An estimated 20,000 protesters turned out in central Belgrade today for a rally organised jointly by the united Serbian opposition, the student movement Otpor and the Independent Association of Serbian Journalists. The rally was in protest at the blocking of a planned rally in Pozarevac last week.

The leaders of all opposition parties addressed the crowd briefly during the two-hour long rally which passed without incident. The only brief disruption was caused by the scattering of leaflets from a nearby building. The leaflets attacked the Otpor student movement. During the rally, most speakers called on the crowd to support Otpor, whose activists have been the target of a number of arrests and detentions throughout Serbia in the past few days.

During the rally the crowd chanted continuously "Uprising, uprising" and "Otpor, Otpor". The name of the student movement means "resistance".

Source: B92

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