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Opposition to call for new rallies throughout Serbia

Belgrade, Monday - The coordinator of the Alliance for Change, Vladan Batic, said today that the united opposition would mount a series of rallies across Serbia and political appearances on local media as part of its follow-up action to last Friday's rally in Belgrade. Batic said that detailed strategies would be worked out over the next two days.

The president of the Democratic Party of Serbia, Vojislav Kostunica, said today that Friday's rally had brought greater results than the organisers had expected, adding that the demonstration had shown that Serbia had an opposition. Kostunica also said that state media had paid great attention in the past three days to discrediting the opposition, which indicated that the rally had made the ruling parties nervous.

A senior official of one government coalition party said today that his party was encouraged by the rally in Belgrade because it indicated that the party was certain of election victory. Slobodan Cerovic, who is president of the Yugoslav Left's Belgrade Committee said that nothing new was heard at the rally except calls for lynching, adding that these amounted to calls for a civil war.

Source: B92

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