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15,000 attend rallies in central Serbia

Kraguyevac, Thursday - More than 15,000 people attended rallies last night in the towns of Kragujevac and Cacak, demanding that the authorities stop repressing the opposition and organise free and democratic general elections. In Cacak, the outdoor rally was banned by police and relocated to the local youth centre auditorium. The mayor of Cacak proposed that the political parties be frozen, and that all concerned should join Otpor

A mass surrender is planned by members of the student movement Otpor, who were recently called a fascist terrorist organisation by Minister of Police Vlajko Stoiljkovic. Otpor stated today: "We call on all citizens of Nis who feel they have been called terrorists, to gather on Saturday May 13 at the central city square from where we go to the police station and surrender ourselves"

Source: B92

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