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Plans for protest rallies across Serbia

Belgrade, Wednesday - Opposition groups across Serbia are scrambling today to organise protests in the wake of yesterday's last-minute cancellation of a planned demonstration in Pozarevac. Yesterday's protest meeting was called off after a wave of arrests of journalists and political activists across the country and a hastily arranged parallel demonstration in support of the regime.

Rallies have been called for tonight by the united Serbian opposition and the student movement Otpor in the central Serbian cities of Kragujevac, Uzice and Cacak.

The opposition parties have announced a rally for Belgrade on Monday. Party leaders will meet tomorrow to discuss strategies for the rally, the vice-president of the Social Democrats, Meho Omerovic, told media today.

The Association of Independent Serbian Journalists yesterday protested in central Belgrade at the wholesale arrest of journalists. Addressing the protesters, Association President Gordana Susa described the arrests as a putsch, saying that with its arrests of journalists and violation of human rights the Serbian regime was approaching that of Pinochet.

Source: B92

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