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Beaten protesters on attempted murder charges

Pozarevac, Wednesday - Three members of Otpor were arrested last night after friends of Marko Milosevic, the son the Yugoslav president, beat them severely. One, Momcilo Veljkovic, is now in Belgrade prison, while another, Radojko Lukovic, was transferred to Belgrade Emergency centre with serious head injuries. Otpor stated that the three were attacked when they tried to prevent Zoran Ivanovic and Milos Lazic from blackmailing another Otpor member, Dragan Milovanovic, into joining the Socialist Party of Serbia Milovanovic told B292 that Ivanovic, known locally as "Rolex" had harassed him constantly in recent days

A lawyer for one of the arrested Otpor activists said today that the Pozarevac district prosecutor had still not been notified of the incident.

The Pozarevac branch of the Yugoslav United Left today filed charges under the Public Information Act against Belgrade broadcaster Studio B and its director, Dragan Kojadinovic. The charges allege that Studio B published untrue information by reporting that a physical conflict occurred between Otpor activists and security personnel at the Madona discotheque. "It is a lie that three persons were severely injured," said a statement from the party.

Source: B92

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