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Guard opens fire at besieged print firm

BELGRADE, Tuesday - A security guard, believed to have been engaged by the Belgrade Commercial Court this morning opened fire on the premises of ABC Grafika. The firm was last week declared bankrupt by the court, after being massively fined for breaches of the Public Information Act.

The ousted director of the firm and editor-in-chief of independent Belgrade daily "Glas javnosti", Slavoljub Kacarevic told Radio B2 92 that the guard had fired over the heads of workers as they attempted to go about their normal duties. Police were called and determined that the guard had fired negligently. No action was taken against the guard.

Guards from a private security form have occupied the ABC Grafika and "Glas javnosti" premises since the court decision on Friday.

Security personnel from the same firm last night accompanied police to the premises of ABC parent company ABC Produkt. Police officers presented a written order to note equipment on the company premises. ABC Produkt is trading normally and was not part of the bankruptcy proceedings against ABC Grafika.

"Glas javnosti" appeared on news-stands this morning, despite the action taken against ABC Grafika and ABC Produkt.

Source: B92

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