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More Otpor harassment

SERBIA, Wednesday -- Otpor activist Valentin Tomov was released this morning after twelve hours interrogation in the police station in Dimitrovgrad, near the Yugoslav-Bulgarian border. Tomov was arrested last night in a restaurant. His apartment was searched and Otpor material confiscated.

Three Belgrade Otpor members arrested last night were still being held today, Beta reports. Aleksandar Pesic and Ladislav Urosevic were arrested as they attached "He's Finished" stickers to posters and Dragan Crnomarkovic while distributing Otpor leaflets in mailboxes.

Three Otpor members were arrested in the central Serbian city of Uzice this afternoon.

An Otpor activist from Indjija, Vladimir Jesic, said today that the movement would press charges against police who violated the rights of citizens. He said that Otpor did not want conflicts with police because they were not the enemy, adding that the police and the movement had a common enemy who was challenging both of them.

Source: B92

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