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Milosevic never weaker, opposition split

Cacak, Saturday -- "FRY President Slobodan Milosevic has never been weaker, President of the Social Democrats Vuk Obradovic said in Cacak yesterday. Obradovic also said that the problem with the opposition was the vanity of certain party leaders and differences in political stances since some of them have participated in the government and some have not. Obradovic said that the aim of all opposition parties was to bring an end to the current violence and to force Milosevic to schedule general elections.

The decision of the united opposition to participate in elections regardless of the electoral conditions is a tragic one, leader of the Serbian Renewal Movement Vuk Draskovic said in an interview for TV Kraljevo yesterday. Draskovic also said that such a decision was in fact a message to the regime to increase the current terror, repression and lawlessness within Serbia.

According to the latest opinion polls carried out by the Belgrade agency Medijum, the united opposition would obtain 33.6% of the votes in a general election, the governing coalition 25.3% and the Serbian Renewal Movement 10%. The research carried out at the beginning of this month in 57 towns around Serbia shows that 18.9% of the population are still undecided and 9% would abstain.

Source: B92

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