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Crown Prince to join opposition campaign

Athens, Saturday - The "For Changes - For Democracy" conference in Athens set up to find solutions to the current situation in Serbia is due to end this evening. All participants at the conference agreed that the Serbian democratic opposition should stand together at the forthcoming elections and they are all expected to sign a Declaration according to which Crown Prince Aleksandar Karadjordjevic will join the opposition in their election campaign.

Commenting on Serbian Renewal Movement leader Vuk Draskovic's invitation to return to Yugoslavia, the Crown Prince who lives in London told B2 92 that he would like to come back but the conditions for his return would be the departure of the regime and a new democratic government in Serbia.

After confusion yesterday regarding the Greek government's involvement in this conference, the situation was not much clearer today. After the resignation of Greek Foreign Affairs Ministry senior official last night which is believed to have been as a result of government pressure for announcing that Foreign Minister Jorgos Papandreu would attend the conference, Papandreu did not attend the conference but held separate talks with Serb representatives from Kosovo and representatives of the Serbian democratic opposition.

Source: B92

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