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Diplomatic mission in Belgrade

Belgrade, Thursday - A diplomatic mission headed by Russia and China's UN Ambassadors has arrived unannounced in Belgrade. Analysts are linking the surprise visit to the Security Council's eight-member delegation in Kosovo, speculating that it points to deep divisions in the international community over the situation in the province. News agencies cited UN officials as saying that the Chinese and Russian Ambassadors had not informed the Security Council about their Belgrade mission. The Yugoslav president's office yesterday announced that President Slobodan Milosevic had received the two ambassadors on the occasion of Yugoslavia's Day of Statehood. They also met Deputy Federal Prime Minister Nikola Sainovic to discuss the international mission in Kosovo and the difficult situation in the province.

The Security Council delegation is expected to arrive in Kosovo today at the invitation of UN mission head Bernard Kouchner. The head of the delegation, Bangladesh ambassador to the UN Karim Chauduri told media today that his team's main task was to deliver a strong message against violence in Kosovo.

Source: B92

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