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Meeting of the working group on the future of the FRY ends today

BELGRADE, Sunday - The two day meeting of the working group on the future of the FRY organised by the international institute East West ended in Belgrade today. This was the third meeting of the group established in Bratislava and made up of representatives from opposition parties, non-government organisations, independent unions and the independent media. It was concluded at the meeting that the main aim of the organisation had been achieved by the establishment of a wide association of those working towards changes in Serbia, President of the Foundation for an Open Society Sonja Liht told a press conference after the meeting in Belgrade today. Although invited, no representatives from the European Council, OSCE or the Pact for Stability in South East Europe attended the meeting. The next meeting will take place in Budva on 28th February.

Regardless of the EU decision not to suspend sanctions on the FRY, the Serbian opposition's main priority remains the same: the lifting of sanctions and the normalisation of life in Kosovo, Serbian Renewal Movement official Ognjen Pribicevic told a press conference after the meeting of the working group for the future of Yugoslavia in Belgrade today.

Source: B92

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